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By making information more accessible, connected and usable, our Business Intelligence solutions can drive improved communication, collaboration and decision-making in your enterprise. How intelligent is that?


Business Intelligence transforms information into inspiration.

Data is only data. And many enterprises are buried in data, which is often in silos, separated by business divisions and very frequently overlooked. The power to unleash your data and transform your business information into business inspiration is at the heart of our Business Intelligence solutions.

Unleashing the untapped asset of information.

A recent examination of Nucleus Research ROI case studies found organizations earn an average of $10.66 for every dollar spent on deployments of analytics applications such as business intelligence (BI), performance management (PM), and predictive analytics. With such high returns to be earned on the deployment of analytics, management teams should consider these technologies to be one of the most attractive investment opportunities available to the CFO. Why Navantis? Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced at helping clients such as Microsoft, University Health Network, Champlain LHIN, Toronto Hydro, Elections Ontario, and Brookfield unleash the power behind their data with our Business Intelligence capabilities.

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Our Business Intelligence Governance service is all about ensuring there is a clearly defined framework that guides the design and implementation of your BI solution.

To ensure that the solution perfectly fits your company's unique needs and culture, our framework includes four aspects:

Our goal is to build the BI Governance mindset from the top down. Critically, our best practices create an environment for change, where leadership has the power to eliminate organizational silos, understand where rework is happening and reduce it, shorten development cycles, and importantly, set up consistent processes. Our process is focused on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security and availability of information.

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Doing business is all about making decisions. And the better the insights you have to work with, the better those decisions will be.

That's what Business Analytics is all about - giving your organization the power to understand your business by transforming its vast pools of disparate data into actionable knowledge and insight.

By integrating data for both analytical business intelligence and operational business intelligence we empower your enterprise to make optimum use of your IT resources - and respond faster and more effectively to changing business needs. Data becomes knowledge. Knowledge becomes insight. And insight drives faster and more confident decision-making capabilities across the enterprise.

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How does your business harness continually growing volumes and velocity of data?

How can you derive greater insights and knowledge to help you continually drive your business forward and maintain your competitive advantage? By ensuring your islands of data not only come together, but can be propagated to systems and applications to support both operational and analytical needs.

As a data integration hub is an operational system we can help your business automate the matching, merging, standardization, integration and validation of data - not platform by platform, but all at once. This ensures that your organization always has access to the most current version of data - accessible by your entire business world to drive greater insights, and better decisions.

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Data here. Data there. Data duplication. With so much data, how can your company leverage value?

With Navantis. We build Business Intelligence systems that structure data in an intuitive user interface and enables your people to access, analyze, navigate and share information to achieve competitive advantage. We believe it’s critical to have industry-specific insights – it ensures we can hit the ground running with smart solutions based on your unique needs.

We also believe that data management is critical to any Business Intelligence solution - an enterprise-wide service to all business units and all technical systems and applications.

Navantis works with your organization to determine the right solution to deploy based on your unique business needs and helps cost justify your investment. Our role is to also define a data governance framework, set up organizational structures, and communicate job roles such as who takes stewardship of the data.

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A data warehouse is simply a repository, combining data from multiple and usually varied sources into one comprehensive and easily manipulated database.

Designed to facilitate reporting and analysis it is both a strategic business enabler and technology platform.

Navantis can provide a data warehousing program that delivers information which advances decision making, improves business practices, and enables your knowledge workers.

As a central point of data access for basic query and reporting and highly sophisticated analytics and modeling, our data warehouse solution can be key to:
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Mobile adoption is growing at a fantastic rate exceeding analyst expectations. It is part of every strategy conversation and by 2014, mobile web users will exceed desktop web users.

Your business intelligence is critical to ensuring your organization stays ahead of the curve. But if you're not unleashing it in your mobile world, you're missing out on an opportunity that can skyrocket your business.

Navantis empowers your business to connect enterprise applications on your mobile devices and benefit from mobile business intelligence with ease by leveraging your existing data sources, dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheets, portals and enterprise web applications.

Our accumulated expertise and industry-specific experience ensures our mobile solutions will provide:
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