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Enabling agility.

Mobility and BYOD are positioned as one of the top trends in technology for 2012. Your business wants to capitalize on the power of mobility using smartphones, tablets and PDAs. With Navantis, you can lead and protect. A great position to be in.


Mobile solutions that connect your business world.

Powerful mobile solutions that are seamless, secure and intuitively connect to your existing infrastructure. Our focus is delivering mobile solutions to enterprise customers with solutions that keep your business moving forward by enriching experiences, providing access to critical information, and connecting people and processes. With clear policies, the right infrastructure and a security and identity solution, you can sleep nights knowing that the business is engaging, collaborating and connecting without jeopardizing your corporate assets.

Keeping your enterprise moving forward.

Our range of services include: Mobile Consulting (Strategy, Architecture, Development, QA), Mobile Enablement (SharePoint, Dynamics CRM), Website Optimization for Tablets and Smartphones and Cross-Platform App Development.

It's how we connect your business world to a world of new opportunities.

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Mobile + SharePoint

The SharePoint platform is a powerful way to create and manage your public web presence. It is equally as powerful as an internal portal for your employees, vendors, and stakeholders to collaborate and work together.

Mobile + Internet SharePoint

When SharePoint is used as a Web Content Management (WCM) system, the experience on the desktop is limitless. To bring that same experience to smartphones and tablets, Navantis integrates seamlessly with existing content and tailors the output for the mobile screen.

Mobile + Intranet/Extranet SharePoint

As part of a portal-focused SharePoint installation, Navantis will setup a cloud-based (or on-premise) solution that offers an interface specifically created for mobile devices on any platform (iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian) with all the functionality you expect available on these devices.

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Mobile adoption is growing at a fantastic rate exceeding analyst expectations. It is part of every strategy conversation, and by 2014, mobile web users will exceed desktop web users.

Your business intelligence is critical to ensuring your organization stays ahead of the curve. But if you're not unleashing it in your mobile world, you're missing out on an opportunity that can skyrocket your business.

Navantis empowers enterprise application connectivity on your mobile devices. You will benefit from mobile business intelligence by leveraging your existing data sources, dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheets, portals and enterprise web applications.

Our accumulated expertise and industry-specific experience ensures our mobile solutions will provide:
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Are you looking to mobilize your CRM? Have access to your CRM information when out of the office, including offline access? Let's go. Dynamics CRM is the most versatile platform in the world.

No matter what elements your organization needs to manage effectively, our Navantis-developed solutions will allow you to do just that. Our solutions can empower your organization to extend your performance and productivity to the mobile world. We offer several levels of implementation:


As part of any solution that Navantis provides, basic Dynamics CRM Mobile Express can be made available. The functionality offered is limited and is suited for those who only require occasional access to common tasks. Low cost and minimal implementation effort are the primary benefits of this solution level.


At this level, your mobility needs extend past basic access and require capabilities like closing opportunities, updating cases, converting leads, creating activities, or more. Both cloud-based and on-premise setups are available from Navantis to address concerns with infrastructure complexity, availability, or security. All solutions can be configured using role-based permissions and managed entirely from within CRM.


When a much more focused and specialized mobility solution is required, Navantis will build native applications to encapsulate the process and workflows associated with that business case, such as Incident Tracking, Expense Submission or Employee Performance Reporting. Navantis provides a custom cross-platform app with the latest mobile interface guidelines that is designed to perform the specific tasks efficiently and effectively.

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The reality is that for your business to maintain its leadership, mobile must be part of your strategy moving forward. And the smart way to go is with Navantis.

Our solutions are made possible by a team of talented and passionate developers, designers, managers, analysts, and testers. Our capabilities are spread across all technologies and best practices.


With the expectation today that your public facing website has a mobile friendly version, we help with the strategy and work with the latest technology standards and test our solutions across all platforms to ensure their effectiveness.


We also have an extraordinary depth of experience in creating custom applications for all the major platforms and can deliver B2C or B2B solutions with proven results.

All of our mobility solutions are provided with our Mobile Lifecycle Management process: Discover > Define > Design > Develop > Test > Deploy > Measure > Refine > Support

Supporting this proven process, is a set of guidelines and best practices that are developed specifically for your organization's mobile solution. These supporting components include Strategy, Governance, Training, and Infrastructure.

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