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Reduce administrative overhead, increase self-service, improve collaboration, and provide audit trails and business intelligence.

Your organization manages thousands of members, applicants, registrants, licensees and other stakeholders. Your stakeholders want to be able to interact with you in a seamless and efficient manner. They want to help themselves when they need information or when they need to manage their profile and renew their status.

Peopleworks is built on the powerful and robust Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. It provides everything your organization needs to eliminate repetitive work tasks and frees your staff resources to focus on other objectives such as driving membership growth, stakeholder management and enhancing services. Peopleworks is available as an on-premise solution, can work with Microsoft CRM Online or as a Navantis Hosted solution.

Peopleworks is a scalable solution that offers functionality required by most member based organizations. Contact management, membership/registrant intake, recording/tracking of payments as well as reporting and dashboards are just some of the features available in Peopleworks.

"The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform has allowed us to streamline our registration and online payment process. Efficiencies in managing the registration and renewal were immediately apparent and we are excited by the savings in staff time and the huge potential to manipulate our data and obtain reports. Customizing and implementing this database for us has been a large project with hard work both by us and Navantis and we can't say enough about how wonderful and responsive the Navantis staff have been. We are pleased we chose Navantis."

Kyong-ae Kim, Executive Director/Registrar, CRPNBC


  • Enables efficient processing of member onboarding
  • Continuing Competency including Assessments, Examinations and Professional Development
  • Online ability for members to update their profiles, search FAQ or submit a query
  • Outreach program management-email campaign management with ability to monitor who opens/reads/forwards your information

Regulatory Bodies

Includes Association features plus:

  • Complaints and Discipline-create cases, manage hearings, investigations and outcomes
  • Conditions and Notices and Judicial Reviews
  • ICRC Compliance (for Regulatory Bodies under RHPA)
  • Online Public Register of Members / Licensee Search

Features and Benefits

Applicant processing to automate repetitive tasks.

Committees and Elections maintains consistency and adherence to compliance requirements.

Member renewals ensures timely reminders and fee collections.

Integration to SharePoint, Office and Lync supporting your existing investment in technology and reducing training times for users with the familiar Microsoft look and feel.

Fees and Payments can be processed automatically as well as through self-service.

Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboards provides deep insight and visibility into your business.

Marketing and Event Management facilitates communication, management, reporting contributing to your professional image.

Social Networking integration to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook enabling a social media strategy.

Self Service Portal for full online management by applicants, members and registrants.

Career center for continuing competencies and education requirements.

Online Registry enabling credential searching and profile updates.

Case management for complaints and disciplinary actions.

Some Of Our Clients

With the goal of improving the registration and renewal process as a part of its strategic plan, the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC(CRPNBC) sought a CRM solution that could address the unique environment of Membership Management.

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Serving over 40,000 professionals, the IDCEC were hampered by a paper-based system, limited resources and a constantly changing curriculum. A fully automated, self-serve system was the answer. The challenge became where to go to find one.

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CRPNM needed the ability to process the renewals and assist members at the same time. Interruptions from phone calls or people dropping off their renewals impacted the processing of the applications, potentially impacting the data entry and accuracy.

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