Companies that seek and find innovative solutions
lead the way. We know.

We've watched our clients make dramatic improvements in the way they do business. Like the not-for-profit who increased online donations by 700%. Or the healthcare provider who discovered new ways to identify and stop bullying. Or the energy provider who was able to find millions of hard dollar savings while changing consumer energy consumption behaviours.

There is a thrill every time we help great organizations like yours take a leap forward and experience better ways of doing business.

Give us a call and let us help you conquer your new horizon.


Advanced Infrastructure

Your applications are designed to propel your enterprise forward - making you more productive. Ensuring you have the infrastructure in place to support your vision for innovation.

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Business Intelligence

By making information more accessible, connected and usable, our Business Intelligence solutions can drive improved communication, collaboration and decision-making in your enterprise.

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Custom Development

Off-the-shelf software solutions can often solve many challenges. However, when your requirements are truly unique, we can make it happen with our custom development solutions.

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Customer Relationship Management

Your customers want to be inspired. They want to build relationships with you - on their terms. And today, great relationships are built on great understanding. We can help your business outperform!

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Managed Services

While our solutions are often highly technical, we keep our application and infrastructure support services simple. We guarantee the integrity and quality of our work. It's that simple.

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Mobile Solutions

Mobility and BYOD are positioned as one of the top trends in technology for 2012. Your business wants to capitalize on the power of mobility. With Navantis, you can lead and protect.

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Portals and Collaboration

Create interactive bridges between employees, customers and partners. Empower your business to outperform. That's the value of collaboration.

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This is where it all starts. Strategy. It's at the heart of everything we do for your business. We have a strategy to help you get to where you want to be tomorrow. Because failure is not an option.

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