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Strategy. It's the difference between success and failure.

This is where it all starts. Strategy. It's at the heart of everything we do for your business. Because success is the only option.


Helping you anticipate change and stay ahead.

The need to anticipate change is critical in your business world. Technology is advancing and changing. It can be challenging to know how best to move forward to ensure you maintain your competitive advantage. Our strategy teams help you get you from today, to where you want to be tomorrow. It's all about what technology can do to drive your business ahead.

Creating a roadmap from strategy to successful implementation.

Aligning your IT priorities with the overall strategic direction of your business is what we spend a great deal of time and effort getting absolutely right. Because developing a long-term strategy and identifying your options for leveraging technology to support your business is critical to the success of your implementation. Our roadmapping processes ensure that we maximize your business advantage by developing a solution that can be implemented in the shortest period of time, with the least interruption to your business and with the lowest total implementation costs.

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Where do you want your business to be tomorrow? How best to get it there?

We have a proven road map process to help define your company's strategy and vision and to clearly identify your business needs and drivers. We are able to prioritize IT initiatives based on genuine understanding of your challenges, and opportunities!

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The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) conversation is one of today's hottest trends. Driven by consumer preference, it is important for IT to get ahead of surge by planning and establishing the right policies and governance models.

The challenge to your business is that many of these technologies were not built with enterprise requirements in mind, so there are very real concerns about security and supportability.

We can develop a clear strategy in advance of implementation to ensure BYOD is an effective route for your business. While your organization may look at BYOD as a possible way to reduce costs, the real value of a carefully designed initiative will be around increasing employee satisfaction and productivity, while also ramping up the rate of technology adoption in your organization.

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Our Business Intelligence Governance service is all about ensuring there is a clearly defined framework that guides the design and implementation of your BI solution.

To ensure that the solution perfectly fits your company's unique needs and culture, our framework includes four aspects:

Our goal is to build the BI Governance mindset from the top down. Critically, our best practices create an environment for change, where leadership has the power to eliminate organizational silos, understand where rework is happening and reduce it, shorten development cycles, and importantly, set up consistent processes. Our process is focused on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security and availability of information.

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How can you be sure your project will deliver everything you expect? How can you be confident that your solutions not only fulfill your needs today, but are future proofed?

Project roadmapping is our proven process that ensures project success through exhaustive comprehensive, up-front planning.

We first define the strategy and vision of your project, to ensure it is based on your user and business needs, and not simply meeting a technology or design solution. This is a critical step that includes gaining knowledge and insights with your stakeholders, end users, and other influencers. This helps us to clearly identify your needs and determine a feature-level, future-proofed approach for your solution, one that can continue to adapt to your needs moving forward.

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When it comes to CRM, your strategy needs to be visionary. But it needs to be practical too.

Your customers expect plain, good old-fashioned customer care - delivered by state of the art technology, automated systems, self-service options and informed employees.

Having a clear strategy - from start to solution - is critical. Whether you're looking to automate customer service, marketing, e-business and business analytics functions we know how to make your journey a successful one. From discovery, goal and vision settings to delivering a comprehensive CRM road map coupled with a compelling business case.

Our proven approach to CRM strategy gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can take your business from where it is today, to where it wants to be tomorrow!

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Creating a vision of where you are going and how you're going to get there is critical to achieving significant business results through collaboration.

Our Strategy planning process, proven assets and methodologies can help you envision how to increase operational efficiency and drive business growth across your enterprise while optimizing existing technology investments in the Microsoft® SharePoint® collaboration platform.


Assess: We listen. We initiate a discovery process that also includes analysis of intranet, BI platform and your present infrastructure.

Prioritize: We collaborate. We conduct a comprehensive analysis and deliver recommendations for governance, migration and budgeting that are based on your goals and business drivers.

Roadmap: We navigate. We deliver a plan of action for collaboration architecture recommendations which include end-state capabilities, business priorities, assessment of architecture for SharePoint 2010 implementation and expected ROI measurements.

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