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Marketing in the digital age - it's personal. You need to keep your digital campaigns and communications relevant. Our actionable insights deliver enriched customer experiences and results.


Blink. That's how fast the digital marketing landscape is changing.

Are you engaging in the social networking revolution? Connecting with your customers in the mobile world? Employing pay for click marketing to drive sales? Optimizing your website to increase relevant traffic? Nobody knows how to help you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in this endlessly changing landscape better than Navantis.

Empowering Customer Experiences.

We work closely with your marketing team to deliver a high value, highly targeted online marketing strategy that's driven by actionable insights. We unite your online efforts with language, imagery, keywords and of course business objectives - each element supports the next in a continuous cycle of measurement, testing and growth. By ensuring consistency across all elements of your marketing and website, we can provide a smoother transition for your visitors delivering better results.

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Our solutions provide a complete life-cycle of content management and publication policies pushing content out when it is required, ensuring authoring and approvals are managed to your exact standards.

Always the most current information.

Ensure your target audience is always accessing current information. Remove technical barriers to publishing with automated workflows. Put the power of distribution back into the hands of the business.

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A good SEO strategy means ranking high in non-paid searches; high enough that with the right key-words, you end up on the first page.

Rank higher and be more successful online.

Many people never venture beyond the first page. Many don't even look further than the first few listed.

Ranking high in SEO is not simple. The landscape is changing constantly. Ongoing success requires the right strategy along with the discipline to carry it out. A combination of current algorithms, the right keywords, high value content, links to other sites, monitoring and measuring outcomes and patience to get it right all contribute to SEO success.

There is no "magic bullet" to your SEO strategy. There is the value of experience. Of working with people who have been there. Of benefiting from their skill, their proficiency and their passion for customer success. We love it when our customers rank high. It makes our day.

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We can help you know exactly what's happening. We study core metrics within your website to understand how visitors are interacting with your site and to help make data-driven-decisions.

Understanding your customers' behaviours.

Metrics like the bounce rates, time on site, exit rates, conversion rate, traffic sources are all used to create a road map to improvement over time, and as a result, increased business success.

A powerful tool delivering marketing research and customer insight by understanding when and why customers are driven to your site. How long they hang around. What pages they like to visit. What action they take.

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Gain more control over your traffic than any other online advertising method hands down - and drive a high return on investment.

Higher ROI with a finely tuned customer acquisition campaign.

With PPC we can define exact keywords, ad copy, landing pages and conduct tests on those elements. We continually monitor your campaigns and optimize them for the highest possible conversion rate and ROI.

Measure what Matters - Let's face it. Do you really care about impressions or 'click-throughs'? Or do you care about leads, enquiries and orders? Measure what matters to your business - driving the customer behaviour you need to get real-world results. And a competitive advantage.

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You can have the slickest design in the world but if no one's buying, it's just a pretty picture. Persuasion Optimization is about fine tuning your website to turn more visitors into customers and make your website a true marketing machine.

Turn more visitors into customers.

In their book The Art of Woo, G. Richard Shell and Mario Moussa explain that persuasion means to win others over, not to defeat them. At Navantis, we echo this philosophy and use our own proven approach to persuading web visitors to take action.

We understand your business value and articulate this value throughout your web properties. We address the five typical barriers that confront your potential buyers from taking action: credibility, communication, belief systems, interest and needs. We formulate a call to action that justifies and simplifies buying behaviour. We establish a POC using A/B methodologies to confirm our findings. Finally, we go-live, measuring and evaluating that results match expectations.

With persuasion optimization, at the end of the day, your business can do more business.

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The web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue, Social Media has exploded to become a part of every organization's marketing strategy.

Be more interactive with your customers.

Many company's still struggle with identifying the value proposition of Social Media. How to use it effectively? What platforms to support? How can it be utilized both inside and outside of the firewall? What policies need to be implemented to govern it? How can it be harnessed to provide business intelligence, consumer feedback, brand enhancement, customer sales and customer support?

Navantis has practical experience helping organizations like yours navigate the tricky waters of building your strategy, selecting your platforms and harnessing the power of social media.

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