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    Are Your Microsoft Applications in Need of an Upgrade?

    Bring your applications into the new world with the Navantis Application Migration Strategy.

    Let’s face it, if migrating your applications to current state was easy, you would have done it by now.

    Focus on What’s Most at Risk

    You probably have a good handle on the technical factors of an application migration but you’ll only see value when a user starts producing results from it.

    Active Directory Services

    The core service that all your applications and services run on. Build a modern platform that delivers on performance, automation, consolidation and efficiency.

    File Shares

    Users want anytime, anywhere access. This is your opportunity to refresh and design a new plan for how your people access their key data.


    You’d be surprised by the savings, efficiencies and other benefits you’ll realize from a migration. We’ll identify where your consolidation opportunities exist.

    Desktop & Devices

    With any change to your core active directory or applications there is a potential impact to your desktop. We will identify the full impact, outcome and benefits for your users.

    Applications & User Adoption

    People run your business, applications help them do it. Arguably the most important aspect of a migration, we’ll help provide the guidance to move your applications to the new era and ensure user adoption across the team, department or entire business.

    Migrating your applications from the old world to the new world should be more than a like-for-like migration. Like-for-like does not deliver real value.

    Our Approach

    Our iterative approach to application migration reduces technical risk as well as risks associated with change management and user adoption.


    Our methodology focuses on continuous improvement, flexibility and input from stakeholders. We’ll deliver applications in phases, validating each feature with users as we go, driving user adoption.


    We help you set goals early on, and use those goals to measure the success of each feature we release to the user community. User feedback will drive our next steps and help us learn more about your business processes.


    What does the application and surrounding processes look like today? What features are needed immediately and what features are not? We’ll start by asking the right questions so we can focus on building what you need.

    Take a Load Off

    See how much farther you can go when you let Navantis run your applications. As part of your application modernization strategy we can bundle an application migration within our Managed Application Program.

    Eliminate software integration issues, improve the reliability, availability, and security of your applications, and gain 24/7 access to our team of dedicated experts. You pay a fixed fee per application; we make sure your applications are up to date and always running; you sleep easy. It’s that simple.

    Person monitoring a series of screens
    Running to the future

    Boost Your Business with a Windows Server Upgrade

    Windows Server 2003 end-of-life is just around the corner. Helping clients avoid downtime or other pitfalls associated with upgrades while leveraging the business benefits of new technologies is what we do best.

    The Windows Server 2012 Boost Program gives you the ability to rocket forward with your migration and implement the latest thinking, design and best practices. With the Boost Program, you will receive a custom, step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t miss anything on the road to efficiency.

    Bundle Application Migration with our Managed Application Program to eliminate software integration issues, improve the reliability, availability, and security of your applications, and gain 24/7 access to a team of dedicated experts. Let us run your applications so you can focus on running your business.