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    Some Things You Can Never Get Back

    Failure to manage compliance and commitments can result in companies paying the price and not always in dollars.

    Still think your email threads and excel spreadsheets can do the job?

    How will you…

    Ensure Compliance

    Proactively monitor and manage commitments and ensure compliance for all external and internal audits.

    Be Proactive

    Meet all legal obligations and public commitments associated with projects.

    Centralize Access

    Provide all areas of business with a single view into all activities related to regulatory compliance.

    If only it were that simple.

    Mitigate the Risk with Compliance and Commitment Management

    A relationship management solution designed to manage every conversation, every promise, and every commitment across an organization.


    Commitment Management

    Have an accurate and up-to-date list of all commitments made to stakeholders and the activities associated with these commitments.

    Stakeholder Management

    Keep your internal and external stakeholders advised and informed. Give them access to the information they need with extranet self-serve portals.

    Records Management

    Keep business processes and compliance documentation in sync with an integrated records management system.

    Built on a Powerful Foundation

    Navantis has architected a framework built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage and track interactions with key stakeholders at an individual, community or project level.

    We are one of the top Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners.

    Man at desk reviewing wall of graphs

    Work Smarter

    With compliance and commitment management you’ll never be caught off guard.


    Powerful Search

    Eliminate silos. Structure & organize your data. The powerful search tool means you have information you need when you need it.

    Familiar Tools

    Our solution offers a familiar, easy-to-use interface and integrates with Microsoft products such as Office and SharePoint.


    Compliance Tracking & Scheduling

    Never miss a beat. Track and ensure all regulations are met and all commitments are compliant.


    Give key decision makers the abiity to access pertinent details or connect to the right parties using their mobile devices.

    Increase Productivity

    With the tools that facilitate collaboration, reporting and workflow automation you will start seeing an ROI right away.

    Incident/Issue Management

    Be prepared with a strong risk mitigation strategy.

    Computer screen with alert

    You still worry about downtime, Really?

    We can take any application and offer it to you as a service through our Microsoft Powered OnCloud Data Centre. Get reliable application performance for one low price. Stop worrying about downtime and get back to your business.

    Is Commitment and Compliance Management THE ONE?

    You are a large enterprise.

    Seeking a solution that provides an effective communication framework across a complex network of stakeholders.

    Must be able to help mitigate the risk and manage the commitments.

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