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    Don’t Leave Your Business at Risk

    Not knowing how many active contracts you have, where contracts are stored or who is responsible for them can expose your organization to unnecessary risk.

    If not proactively managed, contracts can put your business at risk for hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrealized benefits or non-compliance penalties.​

    Reduce Time, Costs, and Risk With Dolphin Contract Manager

    A comprehensive contract management solution for SharePoint.

    Instant Access

    Integrate Dolphin Contract Manager with your current systems. Make it easy for anyone to initiate contracts or search for contract-related information.

    Lower Costs

    Avoid missing deadlines and hidden fees related to contract terms by better managing the lifecycle of contracts.

    Lower Risk

    Implement best practice procedures and Standard Operating Procedures around the contract lifecycle process.

    Increase Efficiency

    Automate processes and control who is responsible for what, to reduce or eliminate common errors and speed up the contract administration process.

    Discover Legacy Contracts

    Uncover the insights locked within unstructured content in existing legacy contracts with the Seal Contract Discovery & Migration add-on.

    Improve Visibility

    Stay ahead of the game by having visibility of key information and obligations through dashboards, reports and search functionality.

    Explore Our Solutions

    Dolphin Contract Manager On Premise

    Dolphin is a feature-rich contract management software for Microsoft SharePoint 2013. The enterprise grade software application covers the full contract lifecycle from request, creation, approval, storage, reporting and ongoing management of all types of contracts.

    Learn more about Dolphin Contract Manager →

    Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud

    No SharePoint? No Problem! Dolphin Contract Manager is now available as a cloud service. Hosted in Microsoft Azure means no servers to set up and no software licenses to purchase – it’s contract management made easy. Get the leading Contract Management software for one low subscription fee.

    Learn more about Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud →

    Etihad Airways Logo

    Client Story

    Etihad Airways

    “The number of contracts increases exponentially with every new destination we add. We realized that we would need a very good system for tracking and monitoring contracts, one that would support the workflow between contract administrators and the legal department but also allow contract administrators to effectively manage their contracts.”

    How We’ll Get You There

    Scope and Plan

    Leverage industry best practices and our teams wealth of experience to identify how Dolphin Contract Manager will actually be used in your organization.

    Analysis and Design

    Identify your business processes including contract types, templates and metadata and configure Dolphin Contract Manager to suit your business needs.

    Configure and Build

    Once configured, extensive User Acceptance Testing will ensure the system works to improve your business efficiency and employee productivity.

    Roll Out & User Adoption

    End user training will ensure adoption and will have you seeing value as soon as we hand over the system to your team.

    Effective Contract Management paves the way to greater profitability.​

    Is Dolphin Contract Manager THE ONE?

    You are an enterprise.

    Seeking a solution that will make the contract administration process more efficient.

    Must be flexible, to meet my organizations needs while saving money and time by streamlining the contract administration process.

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