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    CRM Is More Than Just a List of Names

    Build comprehensive records of every contact, lead and customer.
    Globe with people around it

    If you don’t get to know your customers – like really get to know them – someone else will. Dynamics CRM helps you understand their needs to build strong relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

    Out-Service Your Competition With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Sales Automation

    Let sales make sales not paperwork. Build your forecast, close your pipeline. Simply, intuitively.

    Customer Care

    Service your customers while CRM manages workflows, alerts, and SLAs.

    Marketing Automation

    360 degrees of multi-channel nurturing, dialogue and insight.
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    Client Story


    “Navantis took our complex operations and implemented an easy-to-use CRM system, automating workflows so that no member issue is ever neglected. Our members have been delighted with the improvements in our service levels. Navantis has been an outstanding partner to work with.”

    Tell Us Where It Hurts

    We’ll build a customized solution that meets your business needs and has you seeing value, FAST.


    Understand the big picture and implement only what you need to drive your business goals.

    Customized Solutions

    Take charge with Dynamics CRM designed the way you work and connected to the systems you already have.

    Sales Process

    Improve productivity by embedding best-practice in your workflows.

    User Adoption

    Gain buy-in from start-to-end with our proven approach to project success.

    Business Process Engineering

    Streamline and delight your teams. Integrate to mission-critical applications.

    Mobile CRM Development

    The same experience on every device keeping your people informed and in front of customers.

    Products built on Dynamics

    Stakeholder Commitment & Compliance Management

    Overlooking a requirement or forgetting a commitment could have you paying the price and not always in dollars. Your projects and operations have a significant impact on the environment, people and resources surrounding your business. Failure to manage compliance and commitments can result in the erosion of public trust and diminished corporate credibility.

    Designed for the Oil & Gas and Energy & Utilities industries, this solution builds trust, cooperation and an effective communication framework across a complex network of stakeholders.


    • Compliance Tracking & Scheduling
    • Incident/ Issue Management
    • Commitment Management
    • Vendor Portal
    • Extranet Self-serve Portal for Stakeholders
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    Some Things You Just Can’t Live Without – Your CRM System Is One of Them

    Your customized Dynamics CRM solution is also delivered as a managed application through our Microsoft Private Cloud Data Centre.

    Not to Brag But…

    We are the top Microsoft Dynamics Partner and industry leader with 40+ CRM success stories.

    Impact Awards 2014 Winner Innovation in Dynamics CRM
    Impact Awards 2011 Winner Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year
    Impact Awards 2010 Winner CRM solution of the year
    2013 President's club for Microsoft Dynamics
    2013 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics