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    Communications Have Evolved – so Should You

    There are smarter, more efficient ways to work.
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    Is your email system posing a threat to your business security?

    With Exchange You Get the Reliability You Want with the Protection You Need


    Share calendars and easily book meetings or schedule appointments.

    Get More Done, Anywhere

    Access your calendar, emails and contacts from just about anywhere, on any device and on all major browsers.

    Size Matters

    Enjoy more space and more reliable mailboxes.


    Seamlessly integrate Exchange with Microsoft Outlook for a familiar user experience.


    Keep your organization safe with the latest defenses against spam and malware, continuous data backup and maintain compliance policies.


    Maintain control and efficiently manage with Exchange Administration Center.

    Have it your way.

    Maintain complete control over your email with in-house mail servers or migrate to the Cloud on your own terms.

    Avoid downtime, improve security, and lower costs. With Managed Exchange you can save time for profitable tasks while we take care of the tough stuff.

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    What You’ll Need to Get There

    Strategy & Governance

    Assess, prioritize and navigate. Create a vision of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there while leveraging best practices.

    Training & Support

    Need help? We are here to help with server management and end user training to facilitate engagement and adoption.


    Make the change from Lotus Notes, GroupWise or any other email system you may be using. A seamless transition will help your employees get back to work, FAST.


    Stay one step ahead. Get the latest version of Exchange to provide your employees with the best user experience.

    Implementation & Deployment

    Just starting out? We will set you up with a custom email system to better your business.

    We’d be lost without it. Navantis relies on the functionality and tools Exchange offers every day to stay connected.

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    Is Exchange THE ONE?

    You are an enterprise.

    Seeking a communication tool that will make employees more productive without breaking the bank.

    Must be fast, reliable, easy to use and SECURE.