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    Tablets and Smartphones Are Changing the Face of Device Management

    Your employees expect consistent access to corporate tools.
    Computer, cellphone, tablet

    This influx of devices can cause security vulnerabilities and compliance violations. Is your corporate data protected?

    Embrace the BYOD Movement With Device 365

    We’ll keep you up to date with the latest technology and versions across all devices.

    Patches & Updates

    Monthly security patches and updates ensure your applications always up to date and protected.

    Application Deployment

    Deploy applications across all devices using deployment and operational best practices.

    Asset Management Reporting

    Gain insight into the health and performance of your infrastructure and assets.

    Device Security

    Keep your data safe with device control services such as remote wipe capabilities.

    Predictable Service, Predictable Price

    A subscription model with a predictable outcome.

    Identity Management & Security

    You remain in control. With Device 365 you control who has access to what, and from where.

    Your device investment should be growing productivity – not your to do list.

    The Headache Stops Here

    Our Managed Devices program was designed to alleviate the burden associated with the management and maintenance of devices.

    We bring predictability to device management so you can focus on driving business innovation.

    Starting at $68/month

    Dr. writing a prescription
    Computer screen with lightbulb starting at $68/month

    Always On

    Navantis enables the following always current technology sets:

    • Office Suite
    • SharePoint Online
    • Exchange
    • Lync
    • Internet Explorer
    • Azure Rights Management
    • Azure Active Directory

    Moving You to the Cloud on Your Own Terms

    Managed Devices is a part of our five pillar Cloud strategy.

    OnCloud Data Centre

    Your Microsoft technology runs best on a Microsoft platform, and in the hands of Microsoft Application Experts.
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    Managed Support

    Gain access to the entire Navantis bench of professionals for all of your Microsoft technology support needs.
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    Managed Applications

    Consume the applications vital to your business without the daily challenges of managing and supporting these applications and the infrastructure they run on.
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    Managed Monitoring

    We’ll take ownership of the performance and availability of any server or application in your environment.
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