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    We Could All Use a Little Help Sometimes

    Extend the skillset and knowledge of your team with Advantage Support.
    Guy with headset and support icons in a circle around him

    Gain access to the entire Navantis bench of professionals for all of your Microsoft technology support needs.

    The Navantis Advantage

    A flexible program for 24/7 IT support.


    Your Hours, Your Way

    Draw on your allocated hours whenever you need the help.

    We’re a Part of the Team

    Work with a team that is intimately familiar with your organization, systems and people.

    No Delays

    Get the help you need, when you need it – without the lengthy procurement process.

    We’re a chatty bunch. No matter how small or how complex the problem, with Advantage Support we’ll be here to talk.

    Your Support, Your Way

    Advantage Foundation

    Provides peace of mind, minimizing your support burden and maximizing resource efficiencies.


    Operational maturity assessment

    Health Check and remediation plan

    Problem resolution support with defined service level agreements

    Access to a team of knowledgeable professionals

    300 Support Hours

    Advantage Standard

    Provides a seamless support experience designed to deliver both reactive and proactive services.


    Advantage Foundation Features

    24/7/365 Support coverage

    Designated Service Account Manager

    MOF/ITIL Training & Certifications

    800 Support Hours

    Advantage Enterprise

    Maintain full control & insight into day-to-day support operations, freeing your time and resources.


    Advantage Standard Features

    Access to Microsoft support

    Dedicated Services Team

    Same day onsite support

    1600+ Support Hours

    Up to the minute reporting

    Moving You to the Cloud on Your Own Terms

    Managed Support is a part of our five pillar Cloud strategy.

    OnCloud Data Centre

    Your Microsoft technology runs best on a Microsoft platform, and in the hands of Microsoft Application Experts.
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    Managed Applications

    Consume the applications vital to your business without the daily challenges of managing and supporting these applications and the infrastructure they run on.
    Read more →

    Managed Devices

    We’ll keep you up to date with the latest technology and versions across all devices.
    Read more →

    Managed Monitoring

    We’ll take ownership of the performance and availability of any server or application in your environment.
    Read more →

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    Client Story

    NBC Learn

    “Navantis has completed our service offering by providing a seamless experience for our community, becoming a trusted member of our team. They treat our clients with patience and respect, ensuring that no problem goes unsolved.”

    Michael Levin, Director of Sales and Technical Operations, NBC Learn