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    Limited Resources Hindering Your Productivity?

    Keeping the tools you depend on up to date and running can waste time and money.
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    Do more with less. Invest in growing your business not your IT spend.

    Get Enterprise-class IT for a Fraction of the Cost

    Office 365 offers all of the familiar apps you know and love – and then some. Powered by the Cloud.

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    Your new yoga partner. The flexibility you need – Office 365 will grow and adapt along with you. Easily add users or additional services as you need them.

    It’s the Same Old Office – Only Better

    The Suite, Whenever You Need It

    With Office powered by the Cloud you can access the latest applications and your files from anywhere, on any device.


    Online conferencing, simple secure file sharing, and social networking are just a few of the collaboration tools available through SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Yammer.

    Lower Costs

    Upfront costs and expenses associated with purchasing and updating both hardware and software are eliminated with Office Online.



    Office 365 offers security, compliance and privacy in the cloud with continuous improvements to keep your data safe.


    Web-based admin center allows you to manage users, policies and access rules easily using the unified administration portal.

    We could all use a little help sometimes.

    Gain access to the entire Navantis bench of professionals for all of your Microsoft technology support needs.

    We’re here to help with support and end user training to facilitate engagement and adoption.

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    Is Office 365 THE ONE?

    You are an enterprise of any size.

    Seeking a simple solution that will make employees more productive without requiring a large investment in infrastructure and training.

    Must be flexible and familiar.

    Why Work With Microsoft Canada’s go-to Office 365 Partner?

    We’ll help create a hybrid solution that meets your business needs.


    Are You Ready?

    We’ll make sure you have the infrastructure, servers, and client requirements to deploy.

    Make the Change

    We’ll make the change from Office 2010, Lotus Notes or Google painless – getting your employees get back to work, FAST.

    The Cloud Your Way

    Make the transition on your own terms. We’ll help carefully plan what data to store in the cloud and which to keep on premise.