Client Story

Intuitive Content Management had a vision. A streamlined customer-facing website that could support rapid content changes in two languages authored by countless authorized individuals. Agility and time to market was critical.

The communications sector is highly competitive with market share shifting daily. Getting accurate content and messaging out to the public daily is imperative. Sound simple? It wasn’t.

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About Bell Canada

Bell is Canada’s largest communications company providing consumers and business with solutions to meet all their communication needs. This includes wireless, high-speed internet, satellite and Fibe TV, home and business phone services.

Bell Canada’s Challenges

Bell’s contributing engines were out of date and error-prone. Developers spread across siloed departments and building solutions on competitive platforms contributed to the complexity. Third party administrators spent days or weeks pushing approved content changes out to various web farms. Back end ERP systems needed manual intervention to update pricing or policies.

The Solution

With a “winning together” approach, a whiteboard and an erasable marker, a team of experts worked to bring Bell’s vision to life. Navigating uncharted waters and exploring the potential of new technologies, the team designed authoring and approval rules managed by a high-tech brain-trust, marrying all of the disparate systems and technologies together with a powerful engine based on Windows Workflow.

The Rewards

An automated process for updating web sites once content has been approved. With multiple web farms, updating now takes minutes instead of one to three weeks per update. Prior to this solution, they were capable of manually pushing out on average 2 deployments per month (26 per year), now they estimate they can update 780 times per year which is 40 times as fast.

“With energy, experience and vision, along with a keen ability to think outside the box, Navantis have been instrumental in helping us build the back-end complexity our site requires, yet retain an elegant and intuitive front end for users.”

Alex Oudovine, Technical Prime for, Bell Canada

Deployments Per Year Before

Deployments Per Year Now

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