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Freeing Medical Teams to Respond to Critically Ill Patients

Servicing over 184 hospitals across Ontario, CritiCall Ontario’s Provincial Hospital Resource System (PHRS ) provides real-time self-service intelligence for hospital critical care units. When patients need vital, time sensitive health treatment, CritiCall is working in the background, ensuring that the medical team can respond.

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About CritiCall

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, CritiCall Ontario is a vital link in the health care chain – helping physicians get the time-sensitive answers they require. And in the age of rapid communications, they are a rapid response to the information needed to respond to critically ill patients. CritiCall is a 24-hour-a-day emergency referral service for physicians across the Province of Ontario.

CritiCall’s Challenges

On any given day, 1800 patients and over 5,500 caregivers need help matching critically ill patients to the right specialists and facilities.

A transformation in Ontario healthcare needed to take place to facilitate rapidly connecting stakeholders and seamlessly integrating distinct systems, processes and people across the province. Contributing complexities included political alliances, disparate procedures, and siloed information systems which needed to be managed across 210 Intensive Care Units in over 180 Hospitals.

The Solution

Accurate Dashboards with up-to-date information on hospital resource availability enables CritiCall to assist hospitals by:

  • Facilitating consultations and if necessary, transfers, for critically ill or emergency patients to the most appropriate hospital for care
  • Coordinating the critical care Moderate Surge process according to the provincial plan
  • Finding acute care beds for hospitals during internal crisis situations including Code Orange (influx of patients) and Code Green (flood, fire) that require the movement of patients between acute care facilities
  • Participating in provincial emergency responses to natural disasters (floods, ice storms), major events (Pan Am Games, G20) and pandemic situations (SARs, H1N1)

The Rewards

Doctors are quickly connected to the finest experts in their respective fields. Diagnosis and treatment is fast-tracked and best aligned to patient needs. Transportation to and from other facilities can be arranged in minutes as the solution manages the complexity of coordination and multiple resource alignment. This results in a higher quality of care while reducing taxpayer costs.

“Selecting the newest version of Microsoft SQL Server and working with Navantis gave us the flexibility and power to deliver on our mandate to the people of Ontario. The integration of Bing maps is critical enabling our users to visualize where the right facilities exist and find the closest and most suitable location.”

Donna Thomson, Executive Director, CritiCall

Up to date information and resource availability

Real time visualizations

Faster time to care

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