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Streamlined Membership and Registration

With the goal of improving the registration and renewal process as a part of its strategic plan, the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC (CRPNBC) sought a CRM solution that could address the unique environment of Membership Management.



Accountability, competence, and excellence in care – the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of British Columbia (CRPNBC) holds its registrants to a high standard and ensures new registrants uphold these same principles of excellence. With a mission to protect the public by regulating Registered Psychiatric Nurses to be safe, competent and ethical, the College actively keeps abreast of current issues, and continuously seeks more efficient and effective ways to communicate with its registrants.

CRPNBC’s Challenges

CRPNBC was using a manual registration and renewal system, entering data into a Microsoft Access database to manage College registrants. While effective in the beginning, as College registrants grew, the Access database solution started to show its limitations. With College administration growing, the need for a more efficient way to share and manage data became paramount.

The Solution

CRPNBC selected Peopleworks, a Membership Management platform that could be delivered either on-premise or as a hosted solution giving CRPNBC the flexibility, security, cost-savings and simplicity that the College required to manage its registrants. With this architecture in place, the College has complete autonomy over how they operate and manage their members, providing members with self-service options. CRPNBC selected the hosted service, outsourcing the IT and simplifying the administration and maintenance.

The Rewards

With the specialized, pre-built Peopleworks solution deployed and operating smoothly within a few months, college staff can now effectively focus on managing registrants, rather than databases. With this collection of technology and expertise at work in the CRPNBC, system configuration is a breeze and future functionality easily added. As the College continues to grow, this scalable technology solution will accommodate and support that growth, allowing the CRPNBC to focus on its mission to protect the public by ensuring the professional development of its registrants.

“The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform allowed us to streamline our registration and online payment process. Efficiencies in managing the registration and renewal were immediately apparent and we are excited by the savings in staff time and the potential to manipulate our data and obtain reports.”

Kyong-ae Kim, Executive Director/Registrar CRPNBC

Managing people, not technology

Fast deployment


Scalable solution

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