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Elections Nova Scotia Taps Into the Cloud to Deliver “On Demand” Training

Varying ages, backgrounds and skill sets of the election teams hired means that training needs to be easy to access and understand. Creating, printing, binding and distributing reference manuals is costly and time-consuming. Without a known election date, training must be delivered to meet election readiness targets and redelivered from time to time because participants forget important elements before the election is called.

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About Elections Nova Scotia

Elections Nova Scotia is the authority ensuring that every provincial election, by-election, and liquor plebiscite is held in a fair and non-partisan manner and that all political parties and candidates act within the provisions of the Elections Act. Elections Nova Scotia is independent of any political affiliation, including the government in power.

Elections Nova Scotia hires thousands of temporary workers entrusted to help administer the electoral processes at more than 2,000 polling stations spread across the province.

Elections Nova Scotia’s Challenges

Training the thousands of short-term workers and volunteers for each election is a critical component of ensuring proper execution. It is also a mammoth task that requires disseminating mass amounts of detailed information at multiple training facilities to individuals with varied backgrounds and skill sets. Often the training takes place weeks before the actual date of the election making it difficult for trainees to retain the new information.

To facilitate the training process, Elections Nova Scotia relied on hundreds of paper-based binders which were updated and produced at significant cost. The binders needed to be reproduced each time because information changed – maintaining currency was also a difficult yet important element of the process.

The Solution

Working in a true partnership model, Navantis technology experts and Elections Nova Scotia were able to create a one of a kind, secure online learning management system. Featuring 180 video case studies, online training modules complete with quizzes and an intuitive and comprehensive reference library, the entire process is now much easier for everyone called to duty on election days.

This unique solution is fully capable of scaling to support the number of people who will access the portal during election time as well as acting as a reference tool on election day. Workers can now access secure online training at their convenience, when and where they need it.

The Rewards

Elections Nova Scotia has realized:

  • Improved documentation of processes- the right information is always available in real-time
  • Ensured the same training is delivered consistently to election workers throughout the province
  • Reduced paper based training – team members learn at their own pace from anywhere with any device
  • Reduced amount of time required for training and re-training
  • Reduced risk of errors at polling stations

“The Navantis team worked closely with us to truly understand the complexity of our challenges. The Office365 platform is cost effective yet powerful and has been tailored perfectly for us.”

Sandra Little, Director, Operations

Fully scalable solution


Improved documentation process

Reduced training time

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