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Best-in-Class Again: Busting Down Silos, Navantis Harmonizes a Complex Environment for the Financial Services Commission of Ontario

When the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) went to market looking for a solution to help manage their MVACF (Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund), Navantis showed them how they could do more. By broadening their vision, FSCO was able to harmonize the current and future needs of all three of FSCO’s main pillars of business, busting down silos with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

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About FSCO

FSCO is an agency of the Ministry of Finance that regulates insurance, pension plans, loan and trust companies, Credit Unions/Caisses Populaires, mortgage brokering, and cooperative corporations in the province. Besides advising the Minister of Finance and functioning as a Tribunal, FSCO’s main purpose is to protect the public interest and ensure their confidence in the regulated sectors. Their outdated administration process kept staff busy performing tedious manual tasks, a silo’d system that hampered efficiency, where users had limited access to the information they demanded.

FSCO’s Challenges

Almost 80,000 people, corporations and agencies are registered with or regulated by FSCO, and the need for a management solution was reaching crisis proportions. Slow response times and red-tape procedures frustrated staff and stakeholders alike as communications bogged down under mountains of paperwork and disconnected systems.

They needed a solution that would provide:

  • Access to information and communication for all stakeholders
  • A framework for more accurate, timely and consistent information
  • Improved business processes and efficiencies through electronic workflows
  • A scalable solution for greater flexibility
  • Self-service and real-time reporting functions
  • Cost reductions

The Solution

In the single, largest Dynamics CRM project they’d ever taken on, the Navantis team delivered a solution that meets the unique needs of the three agencies in the FSCO portfolio including:

  • A full self-service portal that will enable FSCO’s customers to do their business when and where they want
  • A secure portal available to the public for inquiries, complaints, and status checks
  • A SharePoint document repository, seamlessly integrated to the CRM solution
  • Common business processes across FSCO, allowing for cross-training and rapid knowledge transfer

The Rewards

The Navantis team designed a highly effective and user-friendly solution that supports the three main pillars of FSCO’s operations. Accessibility and harmonization have maximized efficiencies and minimized frustrations, as well as improved customer and stakeholder satisfaction. Delivered on budget and on time as confirmed by the client, it is receiving such positive press that other government departments have stepped forward to evaluate how they can streamline their own regulatory agency systems.

“We have beaten the odds by implementing on time…and faced the challenges brought about by using leading edge technology, a new FSCO business sector (Service Provider), changing leadership landscape and an ever-changing requirement environment through the iterative processes. We have started to deliver the most ambitious Microsoft Dynamics CRM design implementation ever…And the team, as a whole, has certainly shined brightly.”

Mario Cruz, Manager, FSCO Business Solutions

A secure self-service portal


Common buisness process across organization


Seamless integration, breaking down silos

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