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Hydro One Powers up Corporate Intranet and Lowers IT Support Costs

To improve communication and collaboration within separate departments, HydroOne wanted to increase the level of automation and put stronger search and compliance processes in place. At the same time, it needed to address the issue of various versions of a document floating around. Everybody needed to be on the same proverbial page.

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About Hydro One

Connecting Ontario companies and communities to safe and reliable electricity is job one for Hydro One. Wholly owned by the province, Hydro One owns and operates Ontario’s 29,000 km high-voltage transmission network that delivers electricity to large industrial customers and municipal utilities. Hydro One ranks among the largest electricity distributors in North America and has been recognized for its commitment to supplying clean renewable energy across the province.

Hydro One’s Challenges

Staff collaboration and communication is mission-critical at Hydro One, whether it is sharing meter and billing information with internal and external groups, or working with management and staff at various levels on business or customer-​facing issues, workers need to quickly share and access information and reports in their day-to-day duties.

The company was challenged by the fact that the IT infrastructure lacked a centralized and standardized enterprise content management (ECM) environment. Finding information often resulted in an extended search among paper documents, emails and department file shares across the organization.

The Solution

Hydro One determined that it needed to improve document and records management and embarked on a project to refresh its IT infrastructure including introducing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for document storage and collaboration.

Staff are using the new ECM environment to quickly develop team sites and ensure stronger collaboration and content management. Standardization makes it easier for co-workers to share across departments. Content fields, policies, workflows, templates, and other rules for a specific type of content, such as a business report, are well-defined.

“One of the great features is that now we have information housed in a single repository, which helps to eliminate duplicate data through stronger version control,” says Hydro One’s director of IT Norm Crook.

“It was a case of build it and they would come,” says Crook. “Early users loved the functionality and ability to access and share documents quickly. It didn’t take long for staff to realize that SharePoint can help improve productivity and collaboration.”

The Rewards

Hydro One is taking advantage of the ECM platform to help manage documents, records and web content on a single platform. The solution results include improved search and navigation and improved productivity. The single version of the truth has reduced errors and wasted time. Also, the centralized document management makes it easy for staff to find what they need.​

“Staff like the fact that there is now a single version of the truth as we’ve improved version control with SharePoint Server 2007. Operating within a more centralized environment also makes it easier for us to solve data governance & data accessibility challenges.”

Norm Crook, Director of IT, Hydro One​


Improved search and navigation


Single version of the truth


Reduced errors and wasted time

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