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Providing Teachers and Students Around the Clock Support

Thousands of teachers, students, and parents rely on NBC Learn to streamline videos and access history on-demand. Enhancing lesson plans, researching a paper or simply spending quality time with mom and dad to study together requires a website that is always available with technical support that is always on.

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About NBC Learn

NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, is dedicated to making historic stories, images and primary source documents available on-demand to teachers, students, and parents by providing access to more than 12,000 stories from the NBC News archives — one of the largest news archives in the world, dating back to the 1920s.

NBC Learn’s Challenges

With hundreds of thousands of clients, NBC Learn supports teachers, students, parents and their families. Ranging from kindergarten through the college level, people may access the site from a PC, MAC or iPad at school or at home. Providing high quality technical support with a team of specialists available round the clock who can tackle and solve every kind of issue facing every type of user was needed.

The Solution

The Navantis experts act as an extension of NBC Learn so that clients never realize they are dealing with an outsourced team. Available 24/7, specialists are ready to help any time of the day or night. Navantis does all of the case tracking, reporting and trending, providing deep business insight back to NBC Learn for continuous improvement.

One of the unique advanced offerings that Navantis provides is usage tracking, helping identify the schools that have reduced participation. For these educational facilities, Navantis has a reach out program that encourages online training through webinars. This effort has resulted in better understanding, awareness and increased usage of the NBC Learn offerings by clients so that 21st century education continues to help teachers and students improve skills and knowledge.

The Rewards

Because a lot of curriculum planning and homework assignments are completed after hours, NBC Learn is able to fully meet the needs of its clients by having a qualified group of experts who can solve virtually any problem.

“Navantis has completed our service offering by providing a seamless experience for our community, becoming a trusted member of our team. They treat our clients with patience and respect, ensuring that no problem goes unsolved.”

Michael Levin, Director of Sales and Technical Operations, NBC Learn

Available 24/7

Deep business insight through reporting and tracking


Increased usage of the NBC Learn offerings

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