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Keeping Members, Professionals and the Public Informed

To champion innovation and performance improvement by advancing and influencing health system policy in Ontario, OHA needed to better leverage its web properties to engage, educate and communicate with stakeholders.

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About OHA

Founded in 1924, the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) is dedicated to improving the delivery of healthcare in the province of Ontario. Today, representing approximately 154 public hospitals, the OHA assumes a leadership role focused on patients and promoting an efficient and effective health system.

OHA’s Challenges

OHA wanted a showcase interactive web site that would enable it to attract more people, encourage them to stay longer with more relevant content and leverage social media tools. With minimal resources and a keen desire to do more with less, they needed a fresh approach.

The Solution

A superior, streamlined and scalable web portal empowers the OHA team to reduce their manual efforts, directly enabling the business to communicate with members and the public. Simple, engaging and easy to navigate, the new public facing site enables quick updates and an interactive format so that information is always current. Each business unit can manage their own content without any assistance from IT. Precious resources are used wisely.

The Rewards

“We have seen a substantial increase in user involvement from both the members and the public, as well as an increase in the number of hits we get on a day-to-day basis,” said Robert Saggiorato, Manager of the IT Department at the Ontario Hospital Association. “Communication is stronger, our audience is better informed, and our community is growing.” Professionals can find the content they’re looking for quickly – and from the public perspective, users can get valuable information about their hospitals.

“SharePoint has taken a lot of the load off of my team. Before the implementation we used to be inundated with different tasks, having to do all the content uploading and administering on the web. Uploads are now done by all the users on the floor.”

Robert Saggiorato, Manager of the IT Department at the Ontario Hospital Association


Reduction in manual efforts


Increase in user involvement

Engaging and easy to navigate

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