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Efficient Document Management

With millions of documents stored in multiple locations across distinct departments, this large scale utilities company demanded a creative, cost-effective solution for document management, migration and storage.

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About OPG

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is an Ontario-based electricity generation company whose principal business is the generation and sale of electricity in Ontario. Their focus is the efficient production and sale of electricity from generation assets, while operating in a safe, open and environmentally responsible manner.

OPG’s Challenges

Ontario Power Generation required a creative, cost-effective solution for migrating and housing millions of their documents, each with its own metadata and annotations. With multiple stakeholders, various systems, manual processes, disparate documents, siloed departments and strict security requirements, a robust, scalable and secure platform was mandatory. Documents were currently stored in multiple formats on various servers and independent intranets and searching for information challenged staff members daily, impacting productivity and morale.

The Solution

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system would provide the foundation for OPG to address its document management needs; however, due to the complexities of the OPG environment, a Proof of Concept – a self-contained working model of the solution – was created and housed to prove out the viability and value. To maximize client satisfaction, the SAP integrated, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution was rapidly delivered, completed in less than six months, without workflow interruption.

The Rewards

The implementation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with SAP and the migration of existing documents drove considerable business value, from substantial savings for cost of ownership and for future custom development, as well as consistency with enterprise-wide strategy for document management.

“Before the ECM system, our people spent hundreds of hours in searches, wasting valuable time and often not yielding reliable results. Our new enterprise system connects multiple platforms and document types. We are able to confidently store, archive and retrieve exactly what we need each and every time.”

Enterprise-wide consistency


Improved search capability


Hundreds of hours saved

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