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Driven to Save Time for Mobile Employees

Subaru Canada wanted to jump into the driver’s seat to improve the efficiency of its communications, especially among mobile employees who frequently had to check voice-mail.

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About Subaru

Subaru Canada distributes vehicles to 86 independent dealerships across Canada, and it supplies those dealerships with parts, service, and warranty coverage. A wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru Canada is based in Mississauga, Ontario, and has over 120 employees in three nationwide offices.

Subaru’s Challenges

Fun to drive and highly efficient, Subaru makes quality cars by quality people. Helping those people get the most out of each day drives Subaru to seek innovation. Finding new ways to eliminate frustrating administrative overhead is all part of Subaru’s continuing commitment to lead in work-place innovation.

The Solution

With an innovative voice-to-text conversion for voice-mail messages, Subaru Canada has delighted its employees. When busy staff miss a call, they can quickly see what a dealer needs by glancing at email on any device. No more calling voice-mail to retrieve messages. This saves time and reduces phone call charges returning over 1,500 hours of productivity back into the business.

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The Rewards

Subaru Canada is thrilled with the improved productivity of its employees, better traceability, and reduced cost of supporting mobile workers. Operational costs have been lowered by reducing online storage and improving IT efficiencies.

“With Exchange Server 2010 and voice-to-text conversion, within 20 seconds after a dealer leaves a voice-mail message, our users see an e-mail preview of that message on their mobile devices.”

George Hamin, Director of E-Business and Information Systems, Subaru Canada

1,500 hours of productivity recovered

Reduction in online storage

Email preview of messages

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