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    Are You Getting the Most out of Your IT Spend?

    Issues with controlling and managing IT Infrastructure are diverting attention away from value-adding tasks.
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    Do your users know of issues before you do?

    Gain Total Control and Visibility with System Center

    Your Applications

    Empower users by letting them find and download the software they need. Monitor and manage all on-premise and Cloud applications with a single tool.

    Your Devices

    Easily manage and administer client systems across mobile, physical and Cloud environments for maintaining settings and compliance. All from one consistent platform.

    Your Services

    Deliver adaptable and scalable service to your team. Automate repetitive tasks and provide a seamless environment on the cloud.

    Sleep easy knowing our team of Microsoft Application Experts are here to help with implementation, deployment, support and end-user training.

    End-to-end Management with System Center


    Reduce the complexity by using one unified management system to manage and operate your infrastructure.

    Be Consistent

    Provide your users with consistent application SLAs by focusing on optimizing your applications.

    Be Proactive

    Find out about the issues and behaviours of your infrastructure as they occur, before they have a negative impact on your business.

    Reduce IT Spend and Increase Performance with Service Manager

    Your IT spend should be driving innovation and business performance, not just keeping the lights on.

    Don’t implement the entire System Center Suite if you don’t need to. Gain insight into workloads and changing business needs while delivering reliable service to end users with Service Manager, now available as a standalone SaaS solution – available only from Navantis!

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    Is System Center THE ONE?

    You are a medium to large size enterprise.

    Seeking a comprehensive management solution for all of the company’s IT infrastructure.

    Must be allow for total control and visibility of IT infrastructure and be able to drive the business forward by freeing up time and resources.

    Go public, without really going public. Replicate the rich, self-service public cloud experience on your own private network, with Windows Azure Pack.