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    Get Everyone on the Same Screen

    Work is no longer a place, it’s wherever you are.
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    Get Connected with Unified Communications

    Go Mobile

    Any kind of access, on any device – Windows, Android and Apple – give your employees the freedom to choose.

    Reduce Costs

    Replace conventional phone systems and reduce telecom costs while transforming employee communication and efficiencies.

    Integrate Applications

    Gain efficiency from your systems talking the same language. Integrate some of your most valuable applications.
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    Client Story

    Canada Cartage

    “Having a consistent tool like Office Communications Server 2007 for everyone to use across the business was a strategic advantage for us.”

    Employees Expect Empowerment

    We’ll give you the tools and support they need to succeed.


    Readiness Assessment

    Do you have the infrastructure, servers and client requirements to deploy?

    Strategy & Governance

    Assess, prioritize and navigate. Create a vision of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

    Architecture & Design

    Do you have the required network bandwidth to deploy? Allow us to deal with the details to maximize your investment.

    Implementation & Deployment

    Leveraging best practices from hundreds of deployments to maximize your investment.

    Training & Support

    Need help? We are here to help with server management and end user training to facilitate engagement and adoption.

    UC the Way You Want

    Built on the network you already own.

    Built on Solid Technology

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    Have a Better Meeting

    Our uniquely architected boardroom solutions are designed by experts to deliver state-of-the-art collaboration environments. Enable a more efficient and engaging meeting experience with:

    • Simple meeting set-up and remote access
    • Meeting room video conferencing
    • White-boarding
    • Screen and file sharing
    • Email and application integration
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    Why Navantis for Unified Communications?

    100% of Navantis employees rely on Unified Communications to work effectively – we live UC every day.

    Seamless interoperability, because your business runs with more than a single application, you need an experienced partner who knows how to connect your entire organization.

    It’s not just talk – Navantis will help you harness the full power of Unified Communications including voice, email, collaboration, white-boarding, chat, social and mobile.

    To remain competitive you and your employees need 24/7 access to people and information in real-time.