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    Compliance and Commitment Management

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    Globe with people around it

    Organizations around the world make and manage thousands of compliance activities and commitments every day. These actions are related to the company’s operational projects that have an impact on environments, people and resources.

    Commitments, and the ensuing compliance, regulatory and risk structures must be tracked, managed and reported on as key corporate assets. Failure to manage compliance and commitments will result in companies paying a price and not always in dollars.

    Navantis has architected a framework built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage and track interactions with key stakeholders at an individual, community and/or project level.

    The solution enables the integration of multiple data sources, input modalities and interaction modes (including alerts) to fit existing business processes and provide a framework for the improvement of those processes.

    Download this whitepaper to find out how to build trust, cooperation and an effective communication framework across your complex network of stakeholders.

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