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    Introduction to SharePoint Governance

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    SharePoint and its related technologies offer a compelling portal and information management platform. The platform has been widely adopted throughout both the private and public sector, and Navantis has been working with its clients to deploy the technology since it was first released in 2001.

    When deployed with a mature project management process, clear governance, and a commitment to on-going operational excellence, SharePoint provides an excellent business productivity tool that solves many of the challenges we face as information workers, including finding information, managing documents, gathering information across diverse sources and managing web content.

    However, like many IT projects, SharePoint projects experience significant failure rates or do not achieve their desired objectives. One of the key contributors to projects not achieving their objectives is the failure to establish a formal governance program for SharePoint.

    Download this whitepaper to find out how the establishment of governance at the beginning of a large enterprise technology roll-out significantly increases the chances of success for both the initial implementation and subsequent phases.

    A governance program sets expectations with the organization on what the solution will provide and establishes a process that achieves buy-in from the organization and ensures that the solution continues to evolve to meet business needs.

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