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    Planning a Regional Health Care Portal With SharePoint 2013

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    Hand holding smartphone with healthcare icons around it

    The definition of an “organization” is rapidly changing. Within the public sector, organizations such as hospitals, regional health care bodies, governments, and health care practitioners are under increasing pressure to collaborate across organizational boundaries in order to improve service to their patients, increase efficiency in sharing of information and create continuity of care as patients interact with an extended eco-system of health care delivery solutions.

    This whitepaper provides a general introduction to Regional Healthcare Collaboration. The whitepaper describes some deep experience we have had in developing regional collaboration solutions based on Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, CRM, BizTalk, etc. We have used these technologies to create regional collaboration “spaces” that can be leveraged by health care teams, management committees, clinical experts and governments to improve health care outcomes for patients.

    This whitepaper will provide you with some understanding of some of the issues with implementing such a solution including lessons learned, governance issues and potential benefits.

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