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    Our Story

    To find out more about us, read our story.

    “We decided to work with Navantis because of their track record and committed alliance to Microsoft architecture and products. Coupled with strong technical acumen, they also bring a deep understanding of our business and the knowledge of how to align with long-term strategic goals.”

    Bill McKee, Director of Operations at OCAS

    Why Work With Us?

    We Do Things Differently

    We understand your problem first, then find the best solution that will have you seeing value fast.

    Some Say We’re Good Listeners

    It starts with a conversation. We take the time to understand your company, your people, and your challenges.

    We Do the Tough Stuff Well

    It’s our business to solve even the toughest of problems. We bring the expertise, commitment and skills to make your business better.

    Our Clients Are Our Partners

    We make your problem our problem. We exist to provide business solutions of true value – not just to sell.

    “With energy, experience and vision, along with a keen ability to think outside the box, Navantis have been instrumental in helping us build the back-end complexity our site requires, yet retain an elegant and intuitive front end for users.”

    Alex Oudovine, Technical Prime for, Bell Canada ​