Strategic Modernization

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With the abundance of issues that reliance on obsolete services creates, it should be no surprise that many organizations strategically modernize their IT infrastructure and services. But where do you start?

Today, all IT organizations serve two masters, splitting their focus and budget between the maintenance of existing and legacy services and bringing to bear new capabilities that will lead to business growth and competitiveness.

The end result of this prioritization trade-off is that, all too often, decisions are made at a tactical level (“fire fighting legacy apps”), ultimately stifling innovation, increasing costs and reducing competitiveness.

This reactive approach has created a significant gap between existing IT capabilities and where organizations need to be in order to leverage business-enhancing technology trends such as mobility, big data, cloud and social media.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to implement a strategic, business-centric framework for modernization. Only through such an approach can organizations reduce the technology debt holding them back.

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